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frell my life

as some of you have heard, i've managed to mess up my shoulder. here's the story:

getting off a shuttle bus Sat evening, clinging heavily to the railing because knees are bad, somehow succeeded in damaging right shoulder very painfully. Brother and SIL took me to ER. attempting to remove tshirt and bra to put on gown reduced me to sobbing mess, had to wait for assistance. nurse couldn't find a vein to start IV, so gave me morphine injection and ordered Xrays. Xray lady appeared (much later) just as i disappeared behind curtain to go potty. she went away. moving around had re-amped pain level, so 2nd shot of morphine given by nurse.

I should have laid down again first. I am a fainter.

Nurse left. i'm sitting on end of bed, starting to feel odd. is this what 2 doses of morphine feel like, or is this the blood draining from my brain? deciding to take no chances, i ease myself straight back, with legs still dangling over end of bed. next i know, i'm staring up at unfamiliar ceiling which is not my bedroom, although i clearly was sound asleep and dreaming just a second ago...

everything comes flooding back. i sit up. i'm soaked with sweat, nauseated, in pain, and realizing how close i came to pitching off the bed and cracking my skull open. Xray lady knocks. "help" i yelp.

she gets me lying down w/cool cloth and wheels in machine to do Xrays right there. i'm disoriented sweaty mess but am able to slowly cooperate while trying not to puke. she leaves. nurse eventually comes back. i tell him about passing out. also talk to brother who called my cell. i tell them BOTH that i still haven't been to Xray. oops.

nurse leaves. brain cells engage. i utilize call button to confess my loopiness. now we're just waiting for Xray results.

nothing's broken, so they discharge me with a sling, a script for 8 vicodin, instructions to follow up with my usual provider, and the offer of a 3rd shot of morphine, which i turn down.

get outside to find brother has come to pick me up in his TRUCK. i can't climb into a truck like this!! i send him to lobby to get help (maybe they have a forklift?). ultimately a stepstool thingy does the trick. *g*

saw my doc yesterday. have more vicodin, and he ordered a MRI, but that could take a couple of weeks to be approved by insurance. MRI is the only way to actually see if i've torn something, and whether tear is large enough to require surgery or small enough to heal on its own.

meanwhile, ice, vicodin, and sleeping on my back. and not being able to drive, at least right now. not being able to do much. :-(

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