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Living once again in the house I grew up in, I occasionally get mail in Dad's name. He passed away in 2010. I've even gotten mail in Mom's name a few times, and she passed away in 1989! One day I think I got mail for both of them, lol. And my brother's name sneaks into the mix since we co-own the house, but he hasn't lived here since, um, 1971?

But today takes the cake. This piece of mail was trying to sell romantic jewelry.

(My Name and birthstone) + (Dad's Name and birthstone) = Together Forever



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My mother was LHAOROTFL. She is evil sometimes.
I expect I would get along very well with your mother. *EG*
I usually get along well with her too... usually ;)
Poor Sid. *soothing noises*

Dad keeps getting mail from a Catholic high school, like flyers actually geared towards teenagers. Considering he suffered through Catholic elementary school, he's vaguely terrified whenever he gets one of them. Lol.
Maybe your dad has those dreams where it's suddenly discovered that you didn't actually have enough credits to graduate, and you're forced to go back to school? LOL
I got mail, and sometimes phone calls, in my parents' names for YEARS -- they had co-signed on my first house. (Even though they never lived there, and I was no longer there either!) At the time, I had the same last name as my parents, which didn't help.

I was also very cranky during the first year after I lost them, since the mortgage company had refused to remove their names from the mailing address, and it just rubbed me raw every time I got a mailer.

So, one fine day, I answered the phone and was asked cheerfully, "May I speak to Mrs. [my mother's name/my name at the time]?"

I snapped, "She's dead," and hung up.

They never called back . . .

I should be sorry about being so rude, I suppose, but I'm not.
Too many of the phone calls I got at first were friends of Dad who just hadn't heard the news. Those conversations were tough. Marketers were easy in comparison.

Also? The idiots at that mortgage company needed to be lined up against a wall and shot. How is that a way to do business? *shakes head*
(Deleted comment)
My folks are out there somewhere barhopping, lol.

Yesterday was recycling day, so that ad already is gone.
I once got a telemarketer call trying to sell me vacation houses or somesuch that thought I was Mrs. Seahawk rather than Ms. That was amusing.
Possibly because my penname is Sid, I get all sorts of male enhancement spam, lol. Any laugh will do!