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YouTube vid that removes the MacGyver theme music and adds sounds effects instead. Some of which are highly amusing! :-D

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I've seen this touted for a few days, but I never actually watched it till now! I'm glad you posted it!

One of the generic "Watch this weird stuff" sites apparently believed that the added sounds had been there all along, and you just couldn't hear them until the music was taken away. (!?!WTF) In particular, the site said "Richard Dean Anderson has a really disturbing giggle." Because, of course, that must be his voice, right?

I LOL'd at the cell phone going off on Pete! From now on, I'm going to be hearing that when I see that bit. (Never mind that those particular phones hadn't been invented yet. Pete must've had an early model. Right? Right?)
Pete, the early adopter!
LMAO! I don't remember so many girly screams in the series...
your memory must be slipping!